Things to know Before Contacting a Raleigh Divorce Lawyer


Before you visit a Raleigh divorce lawyer, you may want to think about cleaning up your social networking profile. This is because attorneys are increasingly using online data as evidence in court. Outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are often called on to provide evidence of adultery or hiding assets among other things.

What if your Facebook profile is a private one? This doesn’t matter much, as it is very easy to subpoena these records as well. You might also want to think about who is on your “friends list”. If any of your “friends” are acquainted with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, they can easily keep track of you. This is definitely something to think about before you go bashing him or her on what you believe to be a private profile page.

Not only can your social media profiles be harmful, but your electronic communications can as well. Many attorneys elect to subpoena cell phone records in an effort to prove adultery. This means that even if you delete an otherwise damaging text message, it could still be obtained in this manner. Likewise, a detailed account of the calls you make with your cell phone is also easy to gather.

Although some people delete emails in order to keep them from being read, this does not necessarily mean they will go away. Emails are extremely easy to forward, so the receiving party could have “kept” a copy for future reference. You should never assume that an email or text message will be kept private between you and the intended recipient.

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