Moving to Raleigh After a Divorce

If you are relocating to the Raleigh area, this article should equip you with all the information you need to find a place to suit your needs.

Inside the Beltline & Downtown Raleigh Housing

Downtown Raleigh had seen a surge in residential and commercial growth in the last five years, and many Raleigh residents are now choosing to live downtown.

Red Hat is headquartered in the heart of downtown on Fayetteville Street, and Citrix is currently building a large facility in the Warehouse district between Hargett and Morgan Street. These two companies alone have brought countless jobs to this city. There are also many bars and restaurants in the downtown area that are frequently hiring. If you end up finding employment downtown, finding housing downtown may be advantageous to you.

Downtown Raleigh is also home to a new and state-of-the-art convention center, a preforming arts center, outdoor amphitheater, as well as several museums and parks. It’s no wonder that more and more people are opting to live inside the beltline. If you are interested in living in or around downtown here are a few resources that can facilitate finding a rental house or condo in this area:

1 – Glenwood Agency  – This site lists rental properties in and around the downtown area that are listed by the Glenwood Agency, as well as other properties listed by other agencies. You can search available rentals by number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and by type of residence. They frequently add newly available condo, townhouse, and single-family home rentals that range in price from affordable to high-end.

2 – Apartments – The Hue is one of the few apartment buildings downtown. They offer 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units, are pet friendly, and boast amenities such as a pool and gym. They are located on the corner of Dawson and Hargett Streets, near the Warehouse District. 712 Tucker and St. Mary’s Square are two other apartment buildings with similar amenities, located near Glenwood Avenue.  Oberlin Court is right in the heart of Raleigh’s Cameron Village neighborhood, adjacent to many great shops and restaurants.

3 – Craigslist is somewhat of an obvious resource, but many great homes in neighborhoods like Oakwood and Mordecai are frequently found for rent on this site.

4 – Go Downtown Raleigh lists all of the downtown neighborhoods, including the location, a description, and the historical background of each.

5 – The Raleigh Housing Authority is another great resource, offering affordable housing located near downtown. Some of their properties provide Section 8 housing, while others have no income restrictions.

Perhaps if you plan to further your education, you may want to live closer to N.C. State or Meredith University. While some of the neighborhoods near campus are more for college students, there are still many neighborhoods that are comprised of young professionals and families.


Outside the Beltline Housing

Many people prefer to live in a more traditional and suburban neighborhood. Maybe you are looking for a fenced in yard for your pet, neighbors who have children close in age to yours, or simply more space than downtown rentals have to offer. Whatever the reason, there are also great houses available in various Raleigh neighborhoods located outside the beltline.

North Raleigh is an attractive area to many Raleigh residents. Both I-440 and I-540 provide easy access to Raleigh’s Research Triangle Park and RDU airport. There are many great kid-friendly neighborhoods where you can find exactly the type of home you are looking for.

The North Hills area is enticing to many moving to the Raleigh area because of the North Hills Mall. The “Mall” is not like a traditional mall, but more of an outdoor shopping and dining space. North Hills Mall has some every day stores, like Target, Harris Teeter, and Total Wine, and it also has high-end furniture retail, a movie theatre, and a seasonal Farmer’s Market. There are several apartment buildings located within walking distance of North Hills, such as The Alexan, Park and Market, and The Allister.

South Raleigh is also growing, and has several terrific neighborhoods to consider. One such neighborhood is Rennaissance Park which boasts a 10 minute drive to downtown Raleigh, easy access to the beltline, and plans for a quaint shopping center at the front of the neighborhood.

When it comes to looking for a rental home in more suburban neighborhoods, your best bet is to research them on websites such as Zillow and Trulia. You can search rentals by neighborhood, number of bedrooms, or by amenities. Zillow even offers a “walk score” which measures the walkability based on nearby amenities.

Another option to help you find the perfect rental home is to work with a real estate agent. The downfall to this is that typically they charge you a non-refundable fee up front for their services. The resources we have listed throughout this article are free, but it may be easier for you to use a real estate agent if your schedule doesn’t permit the time and/or flexibility to research and visit rental properties on your own.


Moving – The Logistics

Once you have picked the perfect place, you will have to start thinking about what your moving date will be, if you plan to hire movers, and who to call to activate utilities.

There are plenty of Uhaul, Ryder, and Penske truck rental locations in Raleigh, so if you are moving yourself you may be interested in finding a location to return your rental truck near your new home.

The following phone numbers will help you set up the utilities at your new home:

Progress Energy: (919) 508 – 5400

Raleigh Public Utilities: (919) 996 – 4540

Time Warner Cable: (866) 489 – 2669

AT&T Internet: (800) 288 – 2020

Directv: (888) 513 – 2850

Dish Network: (877) 504 – 0568

You may find yourself in in a position where you need to either buy or sell furniture. Craigslist is a great resource for both buying and selling furniture, however if you are uncomfortable with using Craigslist, simply don’t have time, or are looking for new furniture there are alternatives.

Shelton’s Furniture sells both new and used furniture, and also buys unwanted furniture. They are located downtown on Morgan Street. Soho Consignments on Western Boulevard will also purchase your used furniture.

If you are in the market for new furniture, you can also stop by any number of furniture stores off of Glenwood Avenue. Home Comfort Furniture and Mattress, Ashley Furniture, Heavner Furniture Market, Kirk Imports, and Rooms To Go are all found on Glenwood Avenue. The closest IKEA is in Charlotte, but you can order furniture from their website and have it delivered (but beware you will have to assemble the furniture yourself).

Should you find yourself looking to donate unwanted items to Goodwill, there are many locations around Raleigh. For a complete list of locations, visit the Goodwill website. They will even come pick up large unwanted items if you arrange a pick-up time with them in advance.