Raleigh Education & Schooling Resouces

If you have recently divorced and relocated to Raleigh, one of the most important things you may be wondering about is schooling. If you have minor children you are going to be curious about the different school districts, as well as non-public school options. As a divorcee you also may be interested in furthering your own education – finishing that college degree, getting a masters degree, or other certification. Raleigh has excellent education resources for people of all ages, as you will see in this article.


Raleigh Public Schools Wake County Public School System 5625 Dillard Drive Cary, NC 27518 (919) 431 – 7400

The public school system in Wake County is a network of elementary, middle and high schools. Students are assigned to schools based on their domicile (residence), and some public schools are on a traditional calendar, while others use a year-round calendar. If you have already moved into your Raleigh residence, you can look up your base assignment school as well as optional schools available to you. The website also provides information on how to enroll a student or request a transfer to another school among other popular topics. For a complete breakdown of each school in the wake county public school system, including whether they are on a year-round or traditional calendar, as well as test scores, bus routes, base attendance maps and other information, please use the following links: Elementary Schools Middle Schools High Schools Special or Optional Schools Magnet Schools The Wake County Public Schools website is very user friendly and provides a wealth of information. Whether you are looking for school assignments for a particular neighborhood, requesting transcripts, enrolling a student, or simply looking to access test and survey results, it can all be found on their website.


Charter Schools North Carolina Office of Charter Schools (919) 807 – 3300

For a recently divorced, newly single parent, making decisions about your child’s education can be extremely difficult. Decisions you formerly made jointly with your partner are now for the most part squarely on your shoulders. While a separation agreement or court order may require you to consult your ex partner regarding the child’s education, the ultimate decision typically rests with the custodial parent. Maybe you aren’t thrilled with your neighborhood public schools, but you can’t afford private school tuition either, is there an alternative? Wake County is home to an extensive network of charter schools that may be the most suitable schooling option for your child. Thanks in part to parents’ aversion to the year round schooling calendar that most Wake County elementary schools (and some middle schools) have adopted, there has been an increase in the number of charter schools in the area. Currently, there are 15 charter schools in the Raleigh area. Charter schools are public schools, but are not part of the wake county public school system. They are primarily funded by public tax dollars, have open enrollment, no religious associations and no tuition. What makes a charter school different from other public schools is that families’ can choose a charter school, they aren’t simply required to attend the school in their district. Charter schools have strict goals outlined in the school’s mission statement and programs, and should a charter school fail to meet its goals, it may be closed. Some parents prefer charter schools because it affords them a choice in their child’s schooling. Some parents are attracted by the accountability, and others choose charter schools because they adhere to a traditional school calendar rather than the year-round calendar. Whatever the reason, charter schooling may be a great option for your family.


Furthering Your Own Education

Raleigh is also an attractive city to the newly divorced individual who wishes to start a new career. There are many options for someone looking to further their education here, whether it be obtaining that bachelors degree you always wanted, earning your Masters in Business Administration, or getting certified for a technical skill, there are many options in this area.


North Carolina State University

NCSU is a public university located in Raleigh. You can pursue an undergraduate degree, masters degree, or doctoral degree here. They offer both part time and full time enrollment, as well as some online courses. NCSU is a large university with many degree options, please consult their website for a complete list of all programs and degrees.


Meredith College

This school is an all female undergraduate university offering a wide range of degrees. While the undergraduate program is restricted to females, the graduate programs are co-ed. There are five major graduate fields of study; business, education, nutrition, paralegal, and pre-health.


William Peace University

Formerly known as “Peace College” this is a small undergraduate school in Raleigh for females affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. They offer 13 different majors as well as Saturday, evening, and online classes for non-traditional students.


Wake Technical Community College

This community college is located in Raleigh, near Garner. They offer both degree and certificate programs in a wide variety of fields.  Whether looking for a degree in finance, agriculture, culinary arts, construction or many other fields, you can find it at Wake Tech. They also offer personal interest classes which may appeal to a recently divorced person who always wanted to pickup bartending skills, learn a new language or learn about photography. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, North Carolina Central, and Durham Technical College are also options that require a short commute for someone living in Raleigh, however those schools are discussed in the centers for our Durham and Chapel Hill offices.