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A confidential consultation can be arranged by calling (919) 787-6668 in Raleigh, (919) 321-0780 in Durham/Chapel Hill or (704) 307-4600 in Charlotte or emailing

During your confidential consultation, an experienced Rosen Law Firm attorney will take the time, before anything else, to understand your situation, your needs, and your goals. By focusing on your desired outcome, we’ll tailor a strategy to meet your needs and help you through your divorce in the way that’s best for you and your family.

At the end of your consultation, you will be quoted a fixed fee for our services in the event you choose to hire us to handle your divorce. This fee will cover everything; including the absolute divorce, phone calls, faxes, photocopies, postage and all other services provided by our firm. (Charges for services contracted by outside professionals such as appraisers, child custody evaluators, etc. will be quoted in advance and billed separately.)

So that you can plan accordingly, most consultations last about an hour, but you are not limited to an hour of our time. You are encouraged to take the time that you need to be sure all your questions are answered and that you understand the various options available to you. In fact, we welcome your calls even after your consultation, if you should think of something that didn’t get covered.

If you’re ready to take the next step, please allow the professionals at Rosen Law Firm to help you chart the path that’s best for you and your family.