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Absolute Divorce

In North Carolina, absolute divorce, or the changing of legal status from married to unmarried is separate from issues like alimony, property division, and child custody. This page provides details on the process and what to do before filing.



Absolute Divorce - The Basics

A quick overview of the information you need to know about the divorce process.

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Absolute Divorce - The Details

A detailed breakdown of the absolute divorce process in NC.

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5 Tips Before You Divorce

What you should consider before you even think about getting a divorce.

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Divorce From Bed and Board

An overview of the legal action used to force a spouse out of the marital home.

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Step-By-Step Divorce Guide

Grab our free guide on filing for divorce yourself in North Carolina. You’ll get a detailed guide from start to finish including all the forms, instructions for filling them out, and examples of completed forms.



What Is An Absolute Divorce?

In North Carolina, “absolute divorce” signifies nothing more than the termination…

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Can I Get An Annulment?

Generally the answer to this question is no. Annulments are available…

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Can I Change My Name?

North Carolina law allows a spouse, in conjunction with a divorce, to take a name…

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How Long Do I Have To Wait?

If I separate from my spouse, do I have to divorce? Some people…

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Absolute Divorce Overview

Raleigh divorce lawyer Lee Rosen goes over the basics of absolute divorce in North Carolina, including who is eligible, what documents are necessary, and the rights you may lose if you file at the wrong time.


Notice of Service By Process of Publication


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