Feeling Like an Outcast During Divorce

Social Isolation and DivorceDuring your divorce, you might feel as if your friends have scattered, your family is scarce and you’re pretty much on your own. Sadly, many people do head for the hills when someone close goes through a divorce; either they think divorce is somehow “contagious,” they just don’t know what to say, or they have their own burdens to deal with and don’t feel they can handle sharing yours.  Sometimes friends are unofficially divided up during divorce, too.

While that’s not fair, it happens. The good news? They’ll eventually come around. In the meantime, you can ask your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer to refer you to a counselor or therapist and take a few steps to make yourself feel a little better.

Combating Isolation During Divorce
We’re wired to be social creatures; it’s just the way we are. We need other people to bond with in order to feel our best. Even something as little as making small talk with the cashier in the grocery line or saying hello to a neighbor can change your day (and theirs).

While it’s not feasible for everyone, many people consider join a divorce support group. You can also search for volunteer opportunities; there are even several ways to volunteer right in Chapel Hill. As you develop new friendships, remember that they take time to cultivate—don’t get discouraged if you can’t seem to “replace” your missing social circle.

Reaching Out to Family and Friends
Sometimes your family and friends don’t realize how much you truly need them right now. There’s nothing wrong with letting them know. In fact, it might auto-correct the situation and help things get back to normal.

Feeling Like an Outcast During Divorce: When to Seek Help
If you feel like you’re becoming depressed, or like you can’t handle the stress alone any longer, it’s time to seek help from a qualified professional. While your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer is busy handling the legal aspects of your case, you can get your more personal affairs in order by talking to a counselor or therapist.