Chapel Hill Divorce Resources

Chapel Hill divorce lawyer Lee Rosen covers what you need to know about getting a divorce in the triangle, with special tips about how Chapel Hill differs from other areas in North Carolina.


Chapel Hill Divorce Resources

Moving to Chapel Hill

Neighborhoods, rentals, and moving services if you’re moving to or from town

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Transportation In Chapel Hill

Information on getting into and out of of Chapel Hill for court and custody appointments

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Medical Resources in Chapel Hill

Information on local doctors, hospitals, and urgent care facilities

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Chapel Hill Government

Local courts, police, utilities and emergency service information for Chapel Hill

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Chapel Hill Schools

Public and private elementary, high school, and college options

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Chapel Hill Divorce Articles

  • How to Find a New Home During Divorce

    During your divorce, you or your ex – or even both of you – will have to move out of the home you once shared. Finding a new one can be tough, especially when you’re already facing the pressures of the divorce process… but you can’t get around it. You need to find a new place to live. Your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer will help…

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  • Managing Your Money During a Divorce

    There’s no question that divorce changes your life significantly; its effects ripple through everything, right down to how you spend your money. Your Chapel Hill divorce lawyer will probably advise you to create a budget and manage your finances carefully so that you and your family are in the right position once you receive your divorce decree. Where Does the Money Go? Many divorces result…

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  • Divorce Court: Yes, It Matters What You Wear

    At some point during your divorce, you’re going to need to appear in court – and what you choose to wear when you appear in front of the judge might impact the proceedings. It’s common sense that if you’re trying to get sole custody of minor children, you shouldn’t wear a t-shirt that promotes illicit drug use with a pair of shredded jeans, but there…

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  • My Ex Moved in with Her New Boyfriend, Now What?

    It’s never easy when your ex moves on – but it’s especially tough if you’re not even divorced yet. If your soon-to-be ex-wife has moved in with her boyfriend, you may feel a huge range of emotions that includes betrayal, hurt and anger. These feelings are completely normal, even if you don’t want her back or you’re glad to be done with the marriage. What’s…

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Chapel Hill Divorce Transcript

Welcome to the Chapel Hill Divorce Information Center. I’m Lee Rosen. We have on this section of the website, a range of information that’ll help you with dealing with a divorce in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You’re going to find all sorts of articles and answers to your questions detailing the issues that you deal with, specifically in Chapel Hill.

Once you’ve had a chance to work through all of that information, move on to the rest of the website.

Take a look at North Carolina Divorce, and you’ll find calculators and tools, you’ll find articles on every imaginable topic, as well as forms that you can actually use as you go through this process. You’re going to find that this website provides you with all of the information you need, to deal with going through a divorce in Chapel Hill.

The Rosen law firm serves clients in Chapel Hill and the surrounding area, from our offices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We certainly would enjoy the opportunity to be of service to you.