Medical Resources in Chapel Hill

Say you’ve recently separated and moved to the Chapel Hill area and are in need of a dentist, pediatrician, or primary care physician in your neighborhood. Or maybe you have been in Chapel Hill for a while but you are struggling with depression or other emotional issues related to your separation. As a newly single parent you may even be frantically searching for an urgent care facility for a sick child in the middle of the night. Either way you will be happy to know that some outstanding hospitals, medical facilities, and doctors’ offices are located in Chapel Hill. This article will provide a list of medical resources that can be helpful for a recently separated or divorced person or parent.


Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities

Chapel Hill has many medical resources at your disposal, whether you need someone to diagnose a stomach bug or you are in need of emergency services. Below we provide a list of major hospitals and facilities, where they are located, and if they specialize in a particular field.

Particularly if you have children, we advise that you familiarize yourself with these resources in advance. While it is always stressful dealing with a health emergency for your child, it can be exponentially more stressful for a single parent to face a child’s health crisis. Knowing what resources are available, and where to find them, in advance can work to your advantage.


UNC Healthcare

UNC’s hospital is an academic hospital affiliated with UNC’s School of Medicine and has many satellite locations. It is a teaching hospital generally known for receiving major awards and accolades. UNC Healthcare recently garnered special attention for performing the first auditory brain stem implant in a child, essentially allowing a deaf child to hear for the first time.

UNC Healthcare offers a broad range of programs and services, addressing everything from bipolar disease, to eating disorders, and severe burns to name a few. They accept most insurance plans, to view a complete list of accepted carriers see the list on their website.

The hospital campus has several buildings, there is a children’s hospital, women’s center, cancer hospital, and family medicine center to name a few.


Campus Health Services

If you are a student at UNC, the website above can address certain health issues. You can search health topics, find information related to urgent needs, as well as update your insurance information. The facility is located between Kenan Stadium and UNC hospitals, and free on-site parking is offered for those in need of campus health services. Be sure to make an appointment in advance, however, only urgent/emergency situations or acute illness will be treated on a walk-in basis.


Urgent Care Facilities

There are several urgent care facilities located in Chapel Hill:


Finding a Doctor (Dentists, Primary Care, Pediatricians, etc.)

When looking for the right caregiver, we advise that you first check to see which practices your insurance provider covers. If you are unsure about the reputation for a specific office or caregiver, try reading reviews online at Yelp or Google, utilize Angie’s List, or simply ask around. Often the best healthcare referrals come from people who have experienced the same health issue as you. Another great way to find a suitable physician is to ask your current physician if he recommends a particular practice or office in the Chapel Hill area.


Dental Care

Meadowmont Dentistry – Dr. Kenneth Black

This office is located in the popular Meadowmont Village and can provide services related to general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. Dr. Black has many years of dental experience and has more than 38 years active and reserve military experience.


Sunrise Dental

Sunrise Dental has three locations, one in Chapel Hill, one in Durham and one in Raleigh. They can handle any general dentistry needs and also practice sedation dentistry for those who have anxiety over dental procedures.


Dr. Jeffrey C. West

One aspect of Dr. West’s office that is unique is the fact that they practice “green dentistry.” The office employs products, techniques and technologies that can lessen the environmental impact of a dental practice without compromising quality or safety. This office can  handle all general dentistry needs and is kid-friently.


Primary Care


Chapel Hill Primary Care

This office offers comprehensive family medicine to adults and adolescents fifteen years old and older. They can handle lab work on site, offer free parking and are located conveniently on the first floor. This office has close associations with colleagues who are specialists in various areas such as acupuncture, counseling, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, and ophthalmology to name a few, and can refer patients to the appropriate specialist.


Chapel Hill Family Medicine

Dr. Guiteras and Dr. Furman offer many years of experience in primary care, and offer a wide range of services. The practice is fairly small, and requires enrollment before an appointment. They offer comprehensive services including physical exams, joint aspiration and injections, minor outpatient surgery, and many others.



Chapel Hill Pediatrics

The pediatricians in this practice are very experienced, and the office has been serving the triangle area since 1960. There are 9 physicians that work out of the Chapel Hill office, and five that practice in the Durham office. The practice is a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home, which signifies a commitment to providing a high level of pediatric care as well as a pleasing patient experience.


Chapel Hill Children’s Clinic

This pediatric office (located on Kildaire Road) houses 6 physicians dedicated to giving your child individualized care. The office has a family atmosphere and is privately owned and operated. They offer regular hours for appointments and have night time and weekend hours available for walk-ins.


Emotional Health Services

Support Groups

Often people who are experiencing a divorce find that support groups can help them through this difficult time. If you are interested in joining a support group, there are several divorce related support groups located in the Chapel Hill area.


Therapy is another fantastic tool to help you get through a divorce. Separation and divorce are incredibly emotional, and even if you think you are doing fine, chances are you could still benefit from therapy. First, ask your attorney if he or she recommends a therapist who specializes in divorce. You can also ask a friend or family member for a referral or check out any of the therapists listed below.


Dr. Shelley Fields

Dr. Fields is a licensed marriage and family therapist with offices in Chapel Hill and Pittsboro. She can help with many needs including anxiety, depression, and recovery from substance abuse. She also specializes in divorce related therapy.

Dr. Judith Barnett

Dr. Barnett’s practice is focused specifically on helping those who have experienced infidelity or an affair. Infidelity is a common cause for the breakdown of a marriage, and if you have experienced infidelity her niche practice may be the right fit for you.

KKJ Forensic and Psychological Services

Dr. Kuzyszyn-Jones has dedicated a portion of her practice to divorce related therapy. Her website connects you to a service she has called “divorce by design” in which she can offer both counseling and mediation to enable a smooth ending to the marriage.