Need Help With Raleigh Family Law? Here Are Some Resources

Lisa Angel, President and owner of Rosen Law Firm, covers what you need to know about getting a divorce in the triangle, with special tips about how Raleigh differs from other areas in North Carolina and where to find a Raleigh divorce lawyer. You’ll find quick access to legal services, steps for moving out of the marital home, and transportation info.

“I Need a Raleigh Divorce Lawyer”

Below are some of the best divorce lawyers in Raleigh, NC. Read their profiles and learn how they’re helping families in the Triangle.


Anna Ayscue

Anna’s legal career has been diverse. Prior to becoming a full time divorce lawyer, she practiced criminal defense as well as family law – everything from…

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Lindsay Willis

Lindsay got her undergraduate degree from UNC and went on to get her law degree from Campbell Law. She was on the Dean’s List semester after semester and…

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Holly Groh

Holly is an attorney who puts the needs of others before her own. When her fiancé (now husband) was in a severe car accident just as she was about to enter…

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Misty Hardison

Misty went from practicing law in a small town in North Carolina to NC’s biggest city of Charlotte, and then all the way to New York City. But now, she’s back in…

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Aaron Steventon

Prior to relocating to North Carolina, Aaron practiced and worked on large variety of cases in rural Kansas for 6 years after graduating from the…

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Other Resources for Raleigh Family Law

Sad child

Child Custody and Support Resources

successful mediation

Mediation and Collaboration Resources

domestic violence laws

Domestic Violence Resources


Alimony and Spousal Support Resources

Property Tax

Property Division Resources

spy gear

Spousal Spying and Affair Resources

Transportation In Raleigh

Information on getting into and out of Raleigh for divorce court and custody appointments

Getting Around Raleigh

Raleigh Government

Local courts, police, utilities and emergency service information for Raleigh. Useful info for divorce related violence.

Raleigh Civil Services

Medical Resources in Raleigh

Information on local doctors, hospitals, and urgent care facilities for general or domestic violence needs.

Medical Facilities Nearby

Raleigh Schools

Public and private elementary, high school, and college options

Education Options in Raleigh

Moving to Raleigh

Neighborhoods, rentals, and moving services if you’re moving to or from town to accommodate your divorce.

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Wake County Forms

Download forms for divorce, child custody, alimony, property, and much more.

Download Forms for Wake County


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Raleigh Divorce Links

We’re here to help. These helpful links will give your more access to information on Raleigh divorce, including financial resources, educational facilities, local utilities, and helpful tips from the best Raleigh divorce lawyers.

In particular, if you are new to the area, these resources will help you get a feel for the community in Wake County and what options you have for transportation, education, and entertainment.

If you are having trouble finding information about divorce in Raleigh, let us know and we’ll send you exactly what you’re looking for.

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Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Transcript

Welcome to the Raleigh Divorce Lawyer Information Center, here at North Carolina Divorce. I’m Lee Rosen. We have assembled here at this center, this section of North Carolina Divorce, all of the information you might need in order to deal a divorce in Raleigh, North Carolina. You’re going to find articles and answers to your questions dealing with all of the issues that you might encounter. We’ve got contacts for local resources, we’ve got addresses of all the different places you might need to connect with. We’ve got articles detailing everything you might need to know in order to relocate within the area and to make these changes that you’re making in your life.

Spend some time here in the Raleigh Center, and then again you’ve explored all of these resources, visit the rest of North Carolina Divorce.

The North Carolina Divorce site has information on child custody and child support, alimony, property division, divorce, and domestic violence. You’ll find tools, calculators, articles, videos, FAQs; everything you need including the forms that you might need as you go through this process. North Carolina Divorce is really a comprehensive resource to help you as you move through the transition in your life.

Of course, if you need further assistance as you’re going through this process, if you need things you’re not finding here on the site, if you have questions, be sure to call us at Rosen Law Firm. We’re always here to help.

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