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Watch an overview or hear an attorney provide legal answers to common questions as it pertains to Spousal Spying in North Carolina.

Is My House Being Bugged?

North Carolina Divorce Website Overview

You have found the very best resource on divorce in North Carolina. I am Lee Rosen; there are three things that you need to know about this website. First of all, there is a center on every topic that’s important. Spend time visiting each of the centers. There’s one on child custody, child support, alimony, property division, divorce, domestic violence; the list goes on, everything...

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Can My Spouse Use My Facebook Posts Against Me in a Divorce?

Can activity on popular social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter be used against you during a divorce? Even with social media profiles being set to ‘private’, are you at risk? Will Facebook, Twitter, and other social media be used against you? Transcript Hi, I’m Lee Rosen. Will Facebook and Twitter and other social media be used against you? Social media is a lot of...

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Will My Lawyer Divulge My Secrets?

Is your attorney putting your privacy at risk? What information is considered private during a divorce? What is considered public record?How can you tell if your attorney is keeping your information private? Is my lawyer keeping my information private? Transcript Hi, I’m Lee Rosen. Is my lawyer keeping my private information private? I don’t want to make you paranoid, but you need to worry about...

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Is my house being bugged?

Is spying on a spouse legal? Can my spouse use the information from their surveillance against me? Is my House Being Bugged Transcript Is my house being bugged? Well, yes. It could be. We’ve had many, many cases where the house has been bugged. One spouse has been listening to the other secretly for a variety of reasons. Now understand that the information that one...

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Should you appeal a decision of the court?

If the result of a trial wasn’t in your favor, what options do you have? How likely is the outcome to change? Will the result be better or worse? Should You Appeal a Decision of the Court Transcript Should you appeal a decision of the court? You’ve been through a trial that may have taken a day, two, three, maybe even weeks to get through....

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