Agreeing to the Separation


This course follows along with a sample separation agreement which can be downloaded here.

Now let’s move onto the section of the separation agreement that is technically the agreement to the separation. So, you’ll see in the sample agreement we have on, paragraphs 1-6 are really the part that’s about the separation itself. So in these paragraphs, what we are doing is outlining that you and your spouse have decided to remain separate and apart from one another, that you’re going to be living in separate houses, and that you’re going to be free from any kind of interference or involvement with the other person.

You can make some exceptions to this, of course, subject to the limitations related to the payment of alimony, and what that means is that you are free to reside separately. However, of course, if someone is living with another person as if married, that can affect alimony.

So generally, you’ll see that the separation agreement piece of this is very short. We’re just outlining that you and your spouse are separating.

But the real reason to sign a separation agreement relates to the paragraphs that follow, and those are related to the finances and child custody. Next, we’ll move on and talk about those.

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