How Do I Spend Time With My Children When I Can’t See Them Physically?

Perhaps you are not able to spend as much time with your children due to work obligations, travel requirements, or quarantine mandates.  We have gathered some virtual visitation ideas you can implement to enhance your visitations with your children.


You can always call or text your children, regardless of visitation hours. Leave a voice mail message if they don’t answer. Don’t miss an opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you.  You can create groups for family texts; share often funny pictures, pet photos, or meaningful photographs. You can record yourself singing or dancing and send that visual message to your children – that will always get their attention. Fun and silly snapchats are a good resource of laughs and connections as well. 


Depending on the age of your children, they may enjoy listening to you read them a story. This could be a great bedtime routine. Or, as their reading skills improve, they can read to you. Engage your children to tell you about their school work, projects, friends, and activities. Ask if they need some homework reviewed. If the child is learning to play an instrument or a sport, have someone videotape it and share. There are many video games that can be played together as well even though the players may be miles and miles apart.  

Games and Movies

You can watch a favorite tv show or movie together. Each of you can enjoy your favorite snack and take simultaneous breaks. Or, you can try playing a game like tic tac toe or checkers.  A grandmother just shared that she was buying 3 games/sets of Yahtzee, keeping one for herself and sending the others to each daughter.  She is going to play her Yahtzee with grandchildren (3 grands with one daughter and 2 with her other daughter) via Facetime or messenger. This same grandmother just coordinated an awesome virtual egg hunt by using tablets between her and each grandchild.  Each child had 10 minutes to spot eggs that were hidden in her yard.  She kept a tally for each child.  (each child was sequestered on the other end so as to not “cheat”).  Money was hidden in each egg.  So, each child then was mailed the hunt’s findings! Additionally, try crafting.  Everyone can gather their own supplies and Facetime while they are painting, coloring, sewing, model building or whatever the activity may be.  

Care Packages

Don’t overlook old fashion snail mail-sending and receiving goofy cards and post cards is still enjoyable.  Have a goodie box of healthy snacks delivered, or balloons sent for a special occasion.  Old traditional ideas combined with technology enhanced visits can keep you in touch with your children even when distance, work, or illness may keep you apart.