Going Out Alone: Terrifying but Therapeutic

woman-eating-salad-at-cafeWhile you’re caught up in the middle of a divorce, you might not feel right going out alone. In fact, lots of people don’t feel comfortable going out alone—but it might just be the therapy you need to get a fresh outlook and rejuvenate yourself.

Divorce is a busy time. You’ve got meetings with your Durham divorce lawyer, work, kids and dozens of other things vying for your attention, and sitting at home alone may sound tempting. That’s okay most of the time, but getting out alone at least once during your divorce will likely help you feel more comfortable being a single instead of half of a couple.

Why Going Out Alone is Scary
You might think going out alone will make others think you’re strange or that you don’t have any friends to go out with. That’s a pretty common fear; you might even think that about someone you see alone, whether at a restaurant, at the movies, or sitting in the park.

Going out alone doesn’t have to mean that you’re headed out intending to meet people, either. You can have a little “me” time doing something you enjoy instead of staying home by yourself.

How Going Out Alone Can be Therapeutic
When you go out alone, you set the schedule. You can change plans at the last minute, order anything on the menu and not be stifled by boring conversation. In fact, some people suggest that it’s more enjoyable to eat alone than it is with company—but you’ll never know until you’ve tried it.

Going out alone can boost your confidence and self-esteem, too. You don’t need to be with others to feel complete, and that’s a good way to look at your newly single lifestyle. Experts often recommend that you become comfortable with yourself before you find a new partner, and going out alone shows that you can do what you want with or without being attached to others.

When You’re Afraid to be Alone with Yourself
The emotions of divorce can be overwhelming. There are so many things to deal with, from child custody to alimony. Healing the wounds of divorce takes time. Many people start the journey to emotional recovery slowly, with the help of a qualified counselor or therapist. Ask your Durham divorce lawyer for a referral to a local professional who can help you become more comfortable with the new, single you if you feel like you’re struggling. Your attorney will keep your request confidential, and you’ll likely benefit from outside advice from someone who’s professionally trained to work with people in situations like yours.