Snooping in Your Spouse’s Computer

iStock_000009219766XSmallThere are a lot of unknowns in divorce, and it can be tempting to find answers by any means necessary—including snooping in your spouse’s computer. While it’s natural to want to know what your spouse is up to, know that playing private investigator can have very serious consequences. Many people from both ends of the spying game end up in a Durham divorce lawyer’s office looking for a way to end their marriages.

Electronic Espionage from a Durham Divorce Lawyer’s Point of View
Your Durham divorce lawyer has probably worked with several people who have sifted through a spouse’s email, chat logs and other electronic communications. Your lawyer has probably worked with several people on the other end of the spectrum, as well.

Unless you have specific permission from your spouse to access his or her email accounts, social media profiles and other files, you may be breaking the law. Check with your Durham divorce lawyer to find out if accessing your spouse’s computer can affect your divorce case.

Getting the Information You Want
Suspecting your spouse is up to no good is generally a symptom of an underlying problem, like broken trust or personal insecurities. If there’s something you want to know, ask your spouse before resorting to espionage. He or she might not be honest when replying, but it can’t hurt to ask—and it might keep you out of the hot water you’ll be in if you’re caught spying.

Your Accounts Have Been Compromised: Now What?
If you know your spouse has gone through your personal emails, your Facebook account or files on your computer without your permission, change your passwords right away. Even if you have nothing to hide, it’s a violation of your privacy. Tell your Durham divorce lawyer the next time you meet, because if your spouse has broken the law, he or she needs to know.

Broken Trust Leads to Painful Negotiations
Once trust is broken because one party has spied on the other, it’s tough to rebound. Fresh feelings of anger, hurt and betrayal can surface; these feelings often make it hard to come to an agreement with your spouse. Your Durham divorce lawyer might recommend mediation so you and your soon-to-be ex can reach a fair settlement despite the harm that spying has caused.